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NOTE: This is just a preview, and the new, probably at least five chapter book, will cost money in order to read. Thank you!





I walked into the airport slowly, shivering as the cold air brushed against my skin. The vents were on in the wintertime? Well, it was almost springtime, but still… it was cold outside, and that was very strange. I shuddered delicately, walking slowly around while memorizing the airport; the walls were bleached white, and so were the floors. There were long counters with employees wearing white uniforms behind them, and behind each counter stood a long shelf, with dozens upon dozens of plane tickets.

 The airport was mostly empty. Only the occasional customer would walk in or out of the rooms. Most of the employees looked bored, and few were reading newspapers and magazines. I rolled my eyes at them, and paid most attention to the ones with things to do. One lady with blond hair with pink streaks in it and green eyes smiled more welcomingly than normal at a man getting two plane tickets, and probably hoped that he would bring her.

 Maybe he was. But that didn't matter. All I knew was that I was going to Hawaii. I was set on going there and nowhere else, because someone actually sent me the exact amount of money – including tax money – that I needed to get the plane tickets, and taxi’s, and boats…

 The woman behind one counter – she had blond skin, and red hair pulled up into a ponytail – looked at me and smiled. “Hello, and welcome to the best airport around,” she greeted me politely. I nodded back, “Thanks,” I murmured, looking around some more. Then I needed to use the restroom, so I walked up to the counter, and blinked twice before talking.

 “Um,” I said, “where are the restrooms?” I asked. She smiled understandingly, and stepped out from behind the counter. “Follow me,” she gestured with her hand for me to follow. I followed her as she led me down a long hall, with some lights flickering. There were plenty of rooms that weren't the correct ones – an office, an emergency exit, a cafeteria – until we finally made it to the restrooms.

 “Here you go, dear,” she smiled, pointing to the ladies bathroom on the right. “Thank you,” I walked into the bathroom and heard her faint “You’re welcome,” as I closed the door behind me and she walked back to her counter. The door was wood-colored, with a grey handle. The walls were white, and there were three sinks piled up against the counter.

 Small walk-in toilet rooms stood by the other side of the room, and there were also paper towels, sanitizing soaps, and antibacterial soaps. I looked at the ceiling; it was light beige, with small rectangular lights spotting it like tiles, but farther apart. I held my breath when noticing a broken vent, but rolled my eyes.

 “There’s no worry,” I laughed, jumping into the toilet room quickly. I finished, and got out, instinctively looking at the broken vent. It looked like two eyes were looking through there, directly at me. Brown eyes, that looked slightly angry.

 I gulped silently, sidestepping over to the sink, washing my hands quickly but thoroughly, never keeping my eyes off of those brown eyes. The vent came falling down, and two legs popping out of where the vent door was.

 I gasped and froze, closing my eyes. I hoped that death would be quick. That whoever that was, they weren't coming to kidnap me, but to kill me quickly and be done with it… so I wouldn't have to suffer, that I wouldn't have to feel much pain, if any at all.

 Silence followed, and I felt no pain. I risked opening my eyes slowly and slightly, and there was a ninja-outfitted man right in my face, holding a needle right at my neck. “Please,” I choked out. He hissed, stabbing the needle into my neck.

 He left it there until I fell, gasping for air. Then he ripped it out, and looked at another ninja-outfitted figure that had just appeared. My vision began to blur into grayness, into blackness.

 I began close my eyes, breathe my last breath. Then I was pulled into the deep water of the dead. “She’s taken care of,” someone said. “Forever,” another added.

 Gone? Forever and to never see light of day again?  “Sleep well,” was the last thing I heard, until I was pulled too deep to hear anything put the bubbles of the water charging into my ears, my mouth, my nose… sucking all traces of air from out of my body.

 Leaving me lifeless, leaving me in the black. I had a family… not anymore. I had no life. No meaning but nothing. At first I saw just the empty black, for a long time. Then red flashed and hurt my eyelids. Blistering heat burned my body everywhere.

 I saw only heat, felt only heat, heard only heat, and tasted only heat. Was this hell? That was the only explanation to this… because, for one, apparently God existed. And I’d never believed in him. I was an atheist all my life, because my friends and family were.

 So, I had never accepted Jesus into my heart. Apparently I had to. I just ignored those who had asked the obvious ‘have you accepted Jesus Christ into your heart?’ question. It was obvious that I hadn't.

 But now I was in hell. All because of me… and my friends had tried, but failed. No, they didn't fail, but I just wouldn't budge from my little spot of being atheist.

 I opened my eyes slowly, closing them quickly through the bright light. I rolled over, opening my eyes again. The heat! It was blistering on my back, burning right through my clothes. I wasn't in Hell after all. So I’d been right about God not existing.

 I was on a hot beach, somewhere. Not Hawaii, that was sure. I saw a small triangular message, and gasped. I wasn't on any island. I was on the island. The island that no one left, for any reason. I could imagine it. ‘Here lies Katherine Jones, her message is; ‘I lived on this island for one hundred years. I died when I was one hundred and eighteen years old, and I was, of course, eighteen when I entered this island. I live here still, by spirit, by ghost.’’

 I laughed a shaky laugh. Of course it was just a myth. No reason to get so worked up, I thought to myself, pulling myself closer to the message. I was being superstitious, but I couldn't help myself.

 “Here lies Martha Jones,” I read, gasping. My mother – Martha Jones -- was missing for years. Since the day of my birth, I never saw my mother, and so maybe all the ‘Jones’ women would be stuck here, like me, like her… “Her message is; ‘little baby Katherine, I’m sorry. We are all here – my mother, my grandmother, they are all on this island. When you die, please come meet me at The Forbidden Castle, in the center of the island. There, only those special enough can be resurrected… and brought to Earth. And only ghosts can make it past the guard ’” I blinked.

 I inhaled, and held my breath. Tears welled in my eyes, and I clenched my teeth and balled my fists. I stood up, my mind swirling around. My mind was moving faster than light. I was new to this – this supernatural world. I figured that it was all just a myth.

 I shook my head, turning toward a forest. Maybe I’d find Martha if I went to the center before I died. I exhaled, and, without thinking about it, I began to walk toward the forest at a normal pace, not hesitating in the slightest, neither was I running.

 What was I doing? This place was haunted by spirits and ghosts, I was sure of that much. But then, if it was haunted, then why was I walking into the forest, enraged and not afraid in the slightest?

 “Katherine!” A voice said excitedly from the forest. “Katherine…” a few voices murmured menacingly. I stopped, because I saw many people – all women – in the forest. Three people stepped out of the forest. One had brown skin, brown hair down to her back, and green eyes, and she looked like she had an evil plan.

 Another had half normal body and half demonic body. Her normal half was chocolate brown, happy and excited, her eye blue and she had brown hair. Her demonic half was red-skinned, with a dark red, slit-pupil eye, no hair, and above her ear was a dark red devil horn. She smiled evilly at me from her demonic half.

 The other was exactly like the second, except no trace of normal human remained on her. She was purely demon. I gasped aloud. “Step away,” a voice full of authority called from the forest. The demons and the evil girl looked into the forest together. “Why?” They demanded angrily.

 “She’s my daughter.” The voice that spoke stepped out of the forest, and she had blond skin, jet black hair, and green eyes. Or eye, because one eye was patched up in an eye patch. “Mom?” I asked, blinking as if she would disappear if I closed my eyes.

 She smiled at me, her teeth slightly showing. She had bright white teeth behind her pink lips. “Hello, Katherine… It’s been a long time. I saw you only as a baby,” she added, bowing her head.

 “Yeah, and I… never saw you, as far as I remember.” I laughed nervously, since I was under the glaring of another woman, a half demon, half human woman, and a demon. Martha walked forward, only with a slight “Excuse me,” as she passed the demons.

 She hugged me tightly, and my shoulder felt wet. Was she crying? I heard her sniff, so the answer was yes. Yes, she was crying. “Why are you crying?” I asked, hugging her tighter, trying to comfort her.

 “I've missed you… I often drew pictures of you as a baby,” she admitted, laughing slightly. “So, who are those d…” I almost said demons, “um… people?” I finished lamely. I didn't like using ‘people’ for demons.

 “Laugh if you want,” she said, pulling away from the hug. I didn't laugh. Truth was, I was scared stiff that there were demons on this island. “Those are my… my only family members, here on this island. They do as I say, since I am the youngest. You see,” she explained, “the reason why they don’t follow you is because...

 “You have not been set by the second youngest yet. If I were to set you as the commander, I would start becoming a demon. The youngest never becomes a demon,” she smiled, “even if they are not leader. So I won’t ever become a demon, as long as I’m leader.

 “Someone who is becoming a demon cannot ever be leader. She”- Martha pointed to the non-demon girl –“will become a demon soon. She is my mother, Jamie Jones. She set me as leader a few years back. But I will now command my family to never hurt you, or be mean to you, so that you will be able to live here in peace… mostly.

 “This island is cursed. There are ghosts, goblins, vampires, zombies, and the whole thing. I think that there’s something more to this than a cursed island. I think something, or someone, is controlling all the haunted creatures around here.

 “I have a theory. There is something very hard – harder than anything around here can break – down under all this sand and dirt. My theory states that a scientist is testing us in a way that we don’t know about yet.

 “I think that he is creating all of these mythical beings so that he can see if we are worthy. Most of us die and become one of them ourselves. But those that survive a long time are here today. And some of them have disappeared. But nobody knows where they went…”


Martha trailed off, staring at the sun. How could she even handle the brightness and heat? “How can you look at the sun? And, how do you not sweat through the sun’s heat?” I noticed that I was sweating. She chuckled, turning her attention to me, breaking the glum mood that was there at first.

 She said nothing, she only smiled at me. “So…?” I prompted. “Well, after a while of being on this island, we tend to get… immune.” She explained. “Oh. This island is very strange,” I noted.

 “Yes, it is,” She giggled, grinning after she finished. I glanced around myself, feeling awkward because I didn't know what to say and I was just staring at her. Then I noticed something very weird. A brown figure was standing in the trees, with bright green cat like eyes that were glowing.

  I squinted to get a better look. It was standing up, and it had splotches of dark green scattered on its body. It had dark green hair; it was down to it’s human like shoulders. It looked angry, and I noticed that its hair strings had small bright green eye like circles at the end.

 It wasn't hair after all. Well, it was hair, but it was like a Medusa. It was a bunch of snakes on the creatures’ brown head. What was it? It looked like a zombie, mixed with a Medusa and cat. What the hell?

 Martha noticed my stare and followed my gaze. “What are you staring at, Kathy?” She asked, nicknaming me. She saw it then and laughed. I stared at her, wondering. She saw the questions in my eyes, and looked back at the creature. “That’s the main creature of the island. A zombie, cat, and Medusa mix.” She said. “And they’re easy to kill if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, then they’re very, very dangerous.”

 I stared blankly at the forest, seeing nothing, just trying to make the words click in. When they finally did, I looked at Martha, my expression one of worry. “Teach me!” I begged, falling down on my knees.

 “Okay,” she answered, pulling me up. “Follow me, I’ll kill one in front of you, so you’ll know how to fight one.” She began to walk forward, to the forest, and I followed obediently.

 She whistled, and saw my puzzled expression. “Whistling calls them to you-” she began. “Martha Jones! An army is headed straight here! Hurry! Come now!” Someone yelled from the distance.

“Be right back,” she whispered, turning to the sound. For half a second she stared, and then she darted away. My heart race picked up, and my breathing accelerated. She had whistled, and that apparently called them to you, but then…

 “Oh, no…” I looked around myself cautiously, taking deep breaths. Maybe they’re too busy with the- I stopped the thought, for I saw something… out of place.

 Small glowing bright green ovals stood on the ground, like a head that was on the ground, ready to pounce. I took one more deep breath, and charged. I stepped on the head, and I heard a crunch, like bones breaking. And it didn't come from the head I just squashed. It was coming from my leg. I let out a high pitched scream of agony.

 “Ow, ow, ow,” I chanted, trying to crawl away. My leg made that very difficult, though. “M-mom!” I cried, but my voice cracked and my throat was dry. I could hardly hear it myself.

 I felt weak, and something was grabbing onto my other leg. “Get off!” I breathed, not able to do much else. I reached my arms out, and dug my fingers deep into the soil. I bent my elbows so that I would be pulled forward.

 I managed to pull myself out of the dark forest, but I didn't see anyone that was alive. There were the dead bodies of my grandmother, great grandmother, even my… my mother. “Mom,” I choked out, forcing myself to crawl to her. “Save… yourself…” she panted.

 A tear dripped down my cheek, and I quickly wiped it away. No time for emotional moments when I was about to die. More of the creatures from the forest stepped out, and they were headed right for me!

 I growled, trying to be scary. It made a growl back, and its growl was more menacing. I felt my foot being pulled on, and it was getting harder and harder. They bit down, and my foot was ripped off. I let out another shriek of agony.

 It felt cold where my foot connected to my calf, as the blood leaked out and onto the grass. It was still painful, but the pain was easing, becoming dull. I looked up at the sun, because the island had become dark.

 It looked bigger and it was now red orange, and I could see the moon in the distance. The moon was yellow. Or was it the real sun and the red orange ball was something else? It was coming closer, that was for sure.

 Red droplets of liquid oozed from the red orange ball, and some of my family was sucked into the ball.  I realized that the red orange ball was squeezing the blood out of my family, and for a moment I didn't feel any pain.

 I jumped up, screaming out of horror rather than pain. The red orange ball was a juicer. I hobbled closer to the ball, leaving a trail of blood behind me. The adrenaline was rushing through my veins, because I just saw my family being juiced.

 The blood rain dripped onto my face and ran down my cheeks as I went to where my mother was. “Mom,” I whispered, falling down to my knees (And hearing another crack as my leg was dislocated) and mourned the death of my mother.

 “I’m still alive,” she mumbled, as if she could hear my thoughts. “Barely,” I mouthed. She shook her head, smiling the teeniest bit. “Do I look hurt?” she asked sarcastically. “Yes.”

 “Well, I mean, do I have bruises or cuts? No.” Her voice dropped lower. “I was faking my injuries.” She jumped to her feet, pulling me with her. “You’re lips are blue,” she noted, “You've lost a lot of blood.” She pulled her apron off, revealing a lavender t shirt and blue jeans. She pulled my leg up – the one that had the foot torn off – and I started to feel the pain.

 She wrapped the apron onto it tightly, and already the apron was stained slightly red. “That’ll do for now,” Martha put my leg carefully down, and pulled me away from the red orange juicer.

 “So, what’s going on?” I was scared. It was easy to tell; my voice shook with it. “It happens every time at least five people die, which is often.” She shook her head in horror, though I would've thought that since she was on this island for so long, that she would be used to death.

 “Aren't you used to death, at least a little?” I asked without thinking. “Yeah, I am a little used to it… but…” she stopped, biting her lip. Her eyes looked wet, like she was crying.

 “You just don’t like it when your grandmothers try to protect you or something, and die in the process?” I guessed after a while of silent – well, you could still hear our feet hitting the wet soil and the blood rain hitting the ground, but still – walking.

 She just nodded, probably unable to speak. I understood it, so I let her grieve against the loss of her grandmothers. I looked down at the small grasshopper like bugs that jumped around. They had blood on their mouths, like they were vampire grasshoppers and they had just fed on blood.

 I heard something that sounded like bubbles popping, and I looked around everywhere, but saw nothing. Then I heard a dripping sound, but it wasn't the rain. It was right at my ear, and I also felt small droplets of thick liquid at my ear, and felt the slightest of pressure on my shoulder. The pressure felt like it was as big as a cat. I looked, but nothing was there. I bit my lip, trying to hold back a scream.

 It felt like a fire ant had bitten inside my ear, so I looked, but nothing was there. “Um,” I whispered to Martha, “what just bit me?” Martha looked at me blankly. “Hmmmm?” She asked. I clearly broke her from some kind of thought.

 “Something bit me,” I explained quickly, “as big as a cat, dripping something thick from its mouth, and its bite hurts as much as a fire ant.” “Err, yeah, you’ll be alright. I don’t know the name for that thing, but it’s safe,” she lied. I could tell she was lying, because she fidgeted with her shirt while she spoke.

 My heart fluttered so fast it was like galloping. Not because I was scared, but because of something else, that I didn’t know what. Nothing earthly, that was for sure. It felt like some kind of thick liquid was pulsing through my veins. It was like a thick acid; where it touched my veins, it burned. It had already reached my heart, so that was probably why my heart fluttered.

 I coughed some kind of red ball, along with some blood. I had stopped moving, because also, some kind of green blood oozed from my mouth, my nose, my eyes, ears, even my nails.

 “Is there… anything… I can do?” I asked anxiously, my body shaking vigorously. She looked up at the moon, something shiny on her cheek. “No,” she replied in a whisper. “I’m dying.” It wasn't a question, not really. It was simply a statement of fact.

 “Yes,” she answered, looking at me. I sneezed, and sniffed. “This is a… terrible way… to die…” I muttered between coughs. “I know, and I’m sorry… I’ll miss you, and I’ll see you while you’re a ghost.

 “Please, come meet me here,” she pled as my eyes began to close and my vision blurred. My knees buckled, and I gasped for breath. This seemed like a déjà vu, only this was worse than the first time something like this happened to me. “I love you” was the last thing I heard before the darkness enclosed on me completely.



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